Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun from Russia!

(again) Back in September, we got an awesome package in the mail.

We'll our day started out like this. The girls and I were having fun with the self-timer on the camera. I would set it on the table and then run over and jump in the picture behind them. I thought some of them turned out pretty cute!! (I really should so the bloopers!)
My three princesses!  I love Adayln's pig tails!
This one was successful in getting BOTH legs behind the girls, without knocking anyone over!
Later that day, Shawn came home from school with a fun package in the mail.  My youngest brother was fortunate enough to visit my parents in Russia and they sent back some prizes for us!  Here we are with some chocolate.  We didn't really care for it - the "milk" chocolate was weird and the "dark" chocolate tasted like our milk chocolate.  Then we concluded that they must make their chocolate with Vodka!  There was something in it.  ;)  (Note to Mom:  Do you guys really eat the chocolate from the box with the humming bird?  I think Tyson called it birds was nasty!")
Shawn got an awesome green tie!  Thanks!  He's even worn it to church a few times.
The girls with their Russian Strawberry Shortcake coloring books.  Grandma also sent them a watercolor book, you know, the kind where you just use water and a brush?!  They don't make those here anymore.  I wish they did - they are perfect, even Adalyn enjoyed coloring all the pages in that book!
Goofy Face.....It's a little blurry, but glad we caught it.  She's practicing her Grandpa Nicholls face!  :)
The ultimate prize was these little puppies.  They were a zipper purse (supposedly used for pencils!)  The girls LOVED them.  Adalyn was the first to get hers, and she got the pink one.  I'm glad we caught her expression on camera!  Priceless!
All the girls with their puppies - who spent several weeks sleeping, eating and driving EVERYWHERE we went!
Finally, I think this was a soccer type jersey sent for Shawn - but I took it instead.  How do I look?  It's comfy - I enjoy wearing around, although I do get questioned a lot.  But, I'm always proud to tell people my parents live in Russia.  Then I really get the questions and looks.  It's a great missionary tool when you then get to explain WHY they live in Russia! 

Thanks Mom and Dad for your service and dedication.  Even thousands of miles away, you're still thinking of us and making us feel special!  We love you!!

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