Friday, January 22, 2010

Car Insurace = Life Saver

For those of you who don't believe in insurance - let me tell you why you SHOULD afford it.

I didn't mention yesterday, but about 10 minutes after leaving the Doctor's office, we were in a car accident - we hydroplaned into the back of a truck. First of all - we are ALL fine. All four of us were in the car and everyone was safe.

It did NO damage to the truck - which is also good. He had a trailer hitch on the back which punched a hole in our bumper and radiator (from what we could tell.) It was leaking transmission fluid (more like gushing) and steaming a little - so we called a tow truck.

The insurance adjuster just called and the estimated damage is $2,042.83 - YIKES!!!! Not only did it damage the front bumper, metal frame and safety bar - it also damaged the radiator, AC fan and AC conditioner.

The mechanics will get it taken apart and parts ordered and make sure nothing else is wrong hopefully by Tuesday. Then if parts come in on time, we hopefully will have the van back by Thursday or Friday. This is on the hope that ALL goes well and smooth.

BRIGHT SIDE of the story! We have insurance. We only have to pay $250 for all the repairs. Our insurance also covers a rental car during the time of repairs - so we do have a mode of transportation!!

So - we are feeling VERY blessed at this point - first and foremost that no one was injured and secondly that we don't have to pay $2,000.

Count Your Many Blessings!!!


Katie Jo said...

PS... if you had AFLAC accident insurance, you'd get paid cash for that accident.... and you'd even get to go to a chiropractor for MONTHS and have it all paid for from Aflac. HEHE... I'm a huge believer in ALL types of insurances. When I rolled my car and totaled it, we came out $1000 ahead because our insurance paid for everything and we were ahead on our car so we got money back. Man, if we'd have had Aflac then we'd have gotten tons cause we were both transported by Ambulance and treated in the ER. HAHA I'm glad you are all okay!!! I hate car accidents!

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

Glad you are all okay! How scary! Yay for insurance!

KofoedFamily said...

We are so happy that you are all okay and that you have insurance!

Sharron said...

Good grief, I am so glad that you're all OK and yes, that yo had insurance. Isn't it mind blowing how much all those repairs add up to?

ERIN said...

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