Monday, February 22, 2010

4 weeks!!

No....I wish I only had 4 more weeks until baby came....but it's actually 15! I was looking at my friend's blogs and notice my last update was 4 weeks ago!! YIKES.

I have needed to download pictures from my camera, or I should say Andie's Camera. She has taken quiet a few pictures lately and they are funny - funny to see life through the eyes of a child. Maybe I will make a slide-show with them. Until then, here are a few random pictures.

TWINS - I can't go anywhere lately without people asking if the girls were twins. The answer is NO! However, I wonder now that it's obvious I'm pregnant, what look would I get if I said, "Yes! And I'm pregnant with triplets" It would probably be the same answers as, "No, they are 15 1/2 months apart....and yes, I am pregnant!"Needless to say - they are hilarious and have a great time together (mostly)
Yeah, I'm not sure what to say about this picture....Ali will always keep you entertained.It has finally warmed up the last few days and they girls LOVE to go outside and ride their bikes. I have to make sure Shawn is home now, because Ali get's going fast and I can't chase her down. Andie is doing much better and almost always riding now without the need for us to hold on to make sure she doesn't fall.
Andie doesn't like the vacuum, "it's too loud for me mom." I asked her if she wanted to do it, and now I always have willing hands to help! It's great.
"WAG!!" Yes, Ali is attached to a plain white burp cloth, which we call "Rag" or "WAG" The date has been set, as soon as we are back from AZ, the "Wag" is going to disappear.

The girls made Shawn a valentine while he as at Bishopric meeting...they had lot's of fun.Pose for the camera....Thank You Wal*Mart for your cheap $6 dresses!!
Strike a pose

We splurged for Valentine's Day and bought a delicious chocolate cake from Kroger. Obviously not your 4-layer Costco cake, but a very close 2nd for taste!! It was YUMMY!We are doing good - staying busy with our callings, schooling, parenthood and life, but we are enjoying every minute of it!!


Jamie said...

I can seen how people would mistake your girls for twins. Especially if you dress them alike! They are little cuties.
I'm also all about the cheaper Walmart dresses. Their girl lines have improved over the last few years and you can actually find some pretty cute stuff!

Frances said...

Just tell people they are twins, they like it and it doesn't require any explanation.

Sarah said...

Your girls are getting so big. They are cuties. Yes we really do have chickens I am wondering if it costs more however to feed and care for them than it does to buy eggs!!! The people that lived here before had them and didn't want to take them with.

MTMcGee said...

Glad you guys are doing great! We are excited to see you when you come! Brynlee has the same dress as Ali, except in purple.

holli jo said...

Why does WAG have to disappear? Won't she be sad?!

Pratt Family said...

Darling twins, sisters, friends forever!!! How funny you are getting more comments about them looking like twins. I love all the fun pictures of them, can't wait to see the pictures from Andie's camera--those should be fun to see. Hope you are feeling well these days.