Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bikes

The bikes have definitely been the fun present this year. It has been freezing cold to ride outside, but they get plenty of riding time on Ali's bike inside the house.

Here are some videos and pictures - when did the girls get so big?

Ali trying out Andie's bike. So funny!

I love Andie's proud smile as she is cruising along!! What a big girl!


Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

I wanted to make sure after having an unltrasound seeing that there's an actual baby since 2 of my aunts have had just a sack and no baby. I've heard the heartbeat and seen it so know there's a baby there

Jill said...

Congrats on the bikes... I hope your weather gets better soon so they can really enjoy them.

What's with the camera angle? We missed Big Al's crash landing. LOL So cute!

Jeff and Elise said...

How fun!

KofoedFamily said...

So cute! I'm sure excited to see them riding around outside soon.

Lauren said...

Syd got a tricycle too! It's good your girls can actually ride them now! It's too snowy and cold here!