Saturday, May 2, 2009

Six Flags

Another late post. Our Stake Temple Day was April 18th and since we have season passes to Six Flags, we thought we would take the girls. It worked out great. We had a few families at the temple together and the teenagers watched all the kids. Then just our family head to Six Flags for the afternoon.
We rode only the rides that all of us could go on - but it was perfect. We were there for 3-4 hours and the girls LOVED it.

Here is our very first ride. Andie and Ali drove while I was the supervising parent. The ride was a little too small for Shawn's height, so he took pictures on the side lines.
Such Funny GirlsOur next ride was on boats that flew in the air. Ali enjoyed it......Until it started. Then she sucked her thumb. I think it might have gone a little to fast for her. She and Shawn waited while Andie and I rode it a few more times. It never has a line, you get on every time!
Shawn and Andie on the Hot Air Balloon ride. It was kinda like the tea cups, in air.
Ali and I enjoying the ride across from Shawn and Andie.
The favorite was of course the carousel. Again, no line and we rode it twice. The first time Andie was able to ride on a moving horse and she loved it! "UP and DOWN...UP and DOWN." Then the worker changed and told us they both had to be on a "non-moving" horse. Andie had been so excited from the first ride that as we were waiting for it to start the 2nd go around she kept saying, "UP and DOWN....UP and DOWN" So, I told Shawn to bend his knees (he was standing by her) too make it feel like she was moving up and down. It worked! It was so funny!

Ali was squilling in excitement on this ride and cried when we had to leave.
We had so much fun - great quality time spent with just our family!

PS - Here is a little video of the Bugs Bunny Performance, followed by a video of Andie's excitement.

We definitely LOVE Disney World and miss it!


Jamie said...

So jealous you got to go!
Great job with the weightloss. Keep it up!!

Sharron said...

Looks like so much fun ... and you are smart to not stay so long that the girls have had it! Too many parents do that. the girls just get bigger and bigger don't they? And of course cuter!

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

sounds fun i wish i lived closer to six flags. why couldn't they go on a moving horse. it stinks they had to be stationary

Lauren said...

So fun! I can't wait to take Syd somewhere other than Hogle Zoo--maybe Disneyland next year. Please let us know when you are here! We'd love to see you.