Monday, May 4, 2009

Playing with Friends

Andie was invited to a birthday party today and had so much fun. She was excited all morning long, always saying, "Ellerie, party, Andie, party, nice!" It was so funny.They played games, ate cupcakes and were just silly girls being 2. It was so nice to have a break. Thanks Ellerie and Nivette for inviting Andie. She had a great time. In the car, on the way home, Andie kept saying, "Ellerie, Fun, Andie, Fun." It was funny.

Nivette had made cute little bags for each of the girls to take home. I need to find the camera and take a picture! Thanks again Nivette!


Sharron said...

Now those are faces we can ALL love!

April said...

Heeeyyy! This background looks familiar! :) Just curious (and I'm not bugged either way, just trying to make sure my coding is good) did you edit the html at all when you inserted it?