Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pots and Pans

So, our little Ali girl LOVES to play with the pots and pans. It drives me CRAZY!! She is always pulling open the drawer under the oven - all of my lids are glass and I have nice stuff and want it to stay that way. Oh well - she has fun.

Here are a few other random pictures.
Ali with pigtails - she is getting so big - I love it!
Andie in a new dress - but she wanted to show off minnie - so it's hard to see. Oh well, we will try again.
This is my "May" purchase for our emergency preparedness. Back in March when the power went out for 3 days (only 4 hours for us, but 3 days for a lot of people) we only had a flash light and some candles. We thought it would be nice to have a lantern for more light. While we were at the outlets in Commerce we found this little guy in the Coleman Outlet. It was 25% off - making it was whopping $5.48. Now we have a better source of light!
Andie had her friend Alex over the other day and they had so much fun together. I had to get a picture of them holding the memory game with their toes - they were so goofy together, but giggling the whole time! It was great!


Sharron said...

Love the toe game, the lantern is a very smart thing to do, love the dress and don't worry about the pan thing, she wll get over it . . . . about the time she is big enough to actually use them!

Jill said...

Cute video of Ali. I am impressed that you have pots and pans in the drawer under your oven. I honestly wouldn't know what was in my drawer...not the stuff I cook with all the time. None of my kids every really got into the kitchen cupboards. Knock on wood. They love the bathroom stuff though. Lotion, make-up, chapsticks, barretts, clippies and brushes. That is a never ending battle here.

Andee said...

My goodness they are growing up!

Ranay said...

Killer deal on the lantern! And I feel your pain on the pots and pans - my boys went through that stage too.

Lauren said...

Ali is getting so big! Way to go on your lantern purchase!