Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Havin' Fun

I really don't know where the time has gone. I promised myself, I would blog about these pictures, before I downloaded the camera again. Let's just say, we've been having fun!

Adalyn has become QUEEN of the TV. She is hilarious, as you can tell she's trying her hardest to be just like the other girls. She is constantly going up to the tv, or bringing us "her" dvd to watch. Let's just say, she loves Baby Newton & Baby Neptune. It's fun to watch her.
Don't you love the jump rope?  Anything to try to keep her out of the movies.  She is also queen of the rocking chair.  If you attempt to sit on it, and she is wanting to sit on it - she'll let you know!!
Mom has been having fun with pink sponge curlers.  They girls look so cute!  But, they never want me to put their hair in curlers.  I remember thinking that many times as a little girl.  "I don't want the curlers!"  But now I COMPLETELY understand why my mom always put them in my hair.  A) SUPER EASY hair style the next morning. B) SUPER CUTE too!!  Sorry mom for complaining so much!!
Isn't she so cute - all ready for school, with 2 minutes spent on the hair in the morning!!  I love it!
Can't seem to rotate this picture.  I took it one Sunday afternoon, the girls were playing "school".  Andie of course was the teacher and Ali was the student.
Girls being girls.
Notice Adalyn in the picture above?  Comfortably drinking her cup of milk!  If she's not dominating the green chair, then she is dominating the table!  Too Funny.  So, in an attempt to help her, we pulled out the pink cooshie!!  Such a big girl!!
Ali's turn for pink curlers!  I actually love her little pose in this picture.  After 3 years, Ali is finally smiling for the camera!!
Ready with her hair all curly.  She definitely moves a lot more during the nights, so not as many tight curls in the front - but still adorable!!
Labor day we had a get together at one of the neighbor's house.  Here is Adalyn and "Baby Clark!"  I watch Clark 3 days a week and the girls just LOVE him.  Adalyn, once again, trying to be like the big sisters, wanting to hold baby Clark!
Who got a hair cut?  And lot's of it?
Here's the back of it!!  Nice and short!
It's ALI!!!!!!!!!!  Look in some of the above pictures for the before picture.  She looks so cute.  What do we BOTH love most about this hair cut?  3 quick brushes and she's ready for the day.  No more trying to tackle and detangle.  Yea for short hair.  Bonus - I cut it myself!!
We're keeping busy around here - and enjoying every minute of it!!


Courtney Adkins said...

Wow! I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to cut Allie's hair! haha You did a fabulous job though! Yay you!! ;-)

KofoedFamily said...

Very cute! We love those girls and we know they definitely keep you super busy.

Natalie said...

What cute girls. I can;t believe how bug Adalyn is!

lillie said...

Cute haircut! I should hire you at the salon!!

Southern Belle said...

I totally thought it was you with the haircut! So funny! Those sponge curlers do make gorgeous hair! I have never used them before... you will have to teach me sometime!