Friday, August 19, 2011

Soakin' It Up

I wish this was a post about getting out and soakin' up some sun!!  It's too hot to do that.  We actually woke up to rain this morning, which is a nice change.  Should cool down the day....hopefully!

No, I am referring to things learned by Andie.  I wanted to record them, to remember them, because they are so funny!  So, here are a few favorites.

What I wished I'd learn in PreK
"Mom.  An author writes the words and an illustrator writes the pictures!"  (Mom sitting with mouth wide open) "Yes Andie, that is right!"

"Mom, a compliment is when you say something nice to someone."  LOVE THIS ONE!!!

Andie:  "Mom.  What's a jewel?" 
Me:  "It's like the diamond in my ring, or a ruby, or a sapphire." (I obviously don't know how to explain it.)
Andie: "It's like something that is shiny on your necklace or bracelet or ring?"
Me: "Yes.  Did you learn about that today in school?"
Andie: "No, my body just told me to ask it."
Me: "Your body?"
Andie: "YES! My body just knows things.  I didn't learn it in pre-k."

"Mom.  We do bubbles and duck tails."
"You get to play with bubbles?"
"No.  When you walk in the hall, other doors might be open, so you have to be quiet.  We do bubbles in our mouth."  (She then demonstrates by closing her mouth and puffing her cheeks out.)
"That's a good idea.  What is a duck tail?"
"A duck tail is so you don't push or shove or touch people." (She then puts both hands behind her back and makes a 'duck tail' crossing her fingers.)
Then she says, "Mom - it is really fun!"  As she walks around the room with a bubble in her mouth and a duck tail demonstrating how to keep quiet while walking the halls of the school!  So funny!!


Emily S. said...

Seriously, so cute!

Sharron said...

Hope the rain did coll it down for you. Isn't so fun , if not a little scary, what these little people come up with? So cute!

Dawnell said...

I love the Pre-K posts! Andie is so cute and so sweet. I'm glad she is loving it! K starts here in about two weeks. We are praying for the best. :)

Moeller Family said...

You two make some beautiful girls! Love reading about Pre-K! Hilarious. :)

ALYN said...

So fun hearing about her school days! Very cute. And I think I need to try the cookie recipe. I also spent many a Sunday afternoon baking while I was growing up.

Now if I can restrain myself from eating the chocolate chips out of the bag.

Natalie said...

Ha. Those are good :)