Monday, November 1, 2010

Uncle Tys

"Uncle Tys" as the girls like to say, came for a week in October. We had so much fun, and would invite anyone to come visit. We love visitors.
He was great and the girls loved playing with him. We went to Memorial Park to the new (to us) playground.

We got a few more pictures with some "Bulldawgs!" I think there are 30-40 of these statues all around Athens. Hopefully we'll get pictures with most of them.

Happy Hippo flying high in the air

Adalyn enjoying her first time in a swing.
On Saturday, we headed to Stone Mountain.  It's just over an hour away, on your way to Atlanta.  It's the largest granite carving in the world (something like that).  I am sure you can google stone mountain and learn all about it.
Here we are on top of the mountain over-looking Atlanta.  Basically, besides the few sky-scrapers in the background, we saw trees. 
Shawn and Ali
They were holding a pumpkin festival.  We had a good time and the girls loved it.  Here we are lining up for the pumpkin parade.

We got to go on a train ride around stone mountain.  I think this was Andie's FAVORITE part.

Adalyn loved the train as well.

Ali ended up falling asleep on the train ride.

Here we come...
The day Tyson left, we headed back to Memorial Park to the "zoo."  We saw this hawk, which was pretty cool.
Andie with Uncle Tys

These two black bears are new.  They were so cute, climbing trees and very playful.  I'll have to see if I get post the video of them climbing the tree.  It was cool....definitely the highlight of the day.
Thanks Uncle Tys for coming to visit.  We had a great time, staying up late every night, playing games, watching movies and just having fun!!  Come again!

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KofoedFamily said...

Looks like lots of fun! We'll have to check out Memorial park and go to Stone Mountain again (when it is not so hot)!