Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Charleston, SC

I'm finally getting around to posting about our little family vacation, back in the beginning of August. We headed to Columbia, SC and then to Charleston for a few days. We loved it, and at the time, was a much needed get-away from Athens.
We left on a Wednesday morning and arrived at the temple 10 minutes after the session started....we were so close. Since it is a small temple, they aren't open all day, so we had to wait till 5:00pm for the next session. We decided to go check into the hotel and take the girls swimming.

Adalyn was barely 2 months old on this trip and her first time in a swim suit.
However, she ended up sitting in the car seat, because the pool was a little cold.
Fun, nonetheless for the girls. They loved having their dad to play with.

Shawn and I switched off that evening attending the temple. He took the first rotation, which I thought would be easy. He could take the girls to get some dinner at Wendy's and by the time they drove, ate and returned, I would be about done. As I came out to the car to exchange, I asked how everything went. Here was the report, "We went to Wendy's and were having a great time. Then all of the sudden probably 20-30 jr. high age kids started coming through the doors and I thought, time for me and the kids to go. Then we've been sitting here in the car, watching a movie and baby has a major blowout!!!" I look at Adalyn, who is sitting in only a diaper...because we had left everything at the hotel.

Shawn then heads to the temple, I'm hungry, it's about 7:00pm and I decide to just go to Walmart and get her a onesie, rather than driving all the way back to the would be faster, and I could pick up something to eat. So, the girls and I head into Walmart, I have baby covered with a burp rag, it's August = Hot and Humid. We head back to the baby section and I'm looking at a little outfit when I hear Ali complaining, "MOM! I'm all wet!" I look over to find her holding her skirt in the middle of her legs and peeing straight onto the floor in Walmart. "OH MAN!" I grab a wipe from my purse and clean it up as beast I can while thinking, "I guess Ali gets new pajama's." I can laugh about it now and I am pretty sure I was laughing about it then. When Shawn came out of the temple and asked how my "session" went, he looked at me and said, "I had it easy."

Needless to say, it was a great start to a great vacation.

The next morning, we headed on over to Charleston. We had such a great time in Charleston, I LOVE Charleston. We decided that night, to just walk around down town, try to find a place to eat and plan our next few days.
The girls had a blast playing in this water fountain. It was hot enough, that they were nearly soaked, but dry within 20 minutes or so.
We ate that night at "Bubba Gump's" We ordered the coconut shrimp, it was delicious and definitely a fun environment to eat.

That evening, it was 8:00 or 8:30 by now, we took the girls swimming again. This time Adalyn joined and she had fun just lying there. It was such perfect weather.

The next day, we decided to take a boat harbor tour of Charleston. It was such a perfect activity. It was very hot and humid that day and ended up raining most of the afternoon. However, we happen to chose the boat tour that had air conditioning. It was fun learning the history of the south. The girls had fun, because they were on a boat. All the picture I took, I'll put into a slide show, make sure you check it out.

While waiting for the boat tour, we walked around this little museum. It was pretty cool, to see civil war stuff.
Thanks to my good friend Kelly, for loaning me this baby carrier. It was perfect!

The last day in Charleston, we went and played at the beach. I was more prepared this time, learning from when we went with Shawn's parent's in Savannah. Don't you love baby's bed? Who says you can't have fun at the beach with a 2 month old? Regardless of my attempt to keep to sun from her, as you can see, she is well covered. She still managed to come home with a binky tan. It was cute, but still not sure how she got it.

Not only was I prepared with Adalyn, I bought some sand buckets for the girls. They played all day long and had a blast.

Baby slept most of the day. Shawn and I switched off sitting with her and playing with the girls.

They had a lot of fun building and watching out for jelly fish. This beach had so many jelly fish, Shawn would pick them up and toss them under the life guard tower. It was funny. I'm grateful for a protective husband.

We had so much fun and it was a great family vacation. I'll post the rest of the pictures in a slide show, so come and check it out. Yeah for Family Fun!!

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Looks like a fun fun vacation! Your girls are adorable