Friday, June 25, 2010

Adjusting to 3...

I think we are doing pretty good - considering it's only been 3 weeks. The girls have been great helpers and Adalyn is such a good baby. Here are some random pictures...and most of them are in order of date, but not all of them. Oh well.

Happy Father's Day ShawnAndie and Ali playing with their new barbies from Jill....Thanks Again!
We were over at a friend's house and Ali brought me the camera and said, "Take a picture of my hat!" She then ran and got their dish towel and came back looking like this....what a funny girl!
Cute picture of Adalyn - she looks older than 2 weeks....which she was almost 2 weeks in this picture!
Andie and Ali waiting with Adalyn at the doctor's office. Andie was so surprised and excited that Adalyn's doctor was the same as hers. How Fun!! (This was at 10 days - she weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. and was already 22 inches long.)

HAHA - trying to get all to look at the camera or smile was difficult enough with two!!

Ali sitting in the's her new favorite place to lounge.Andie LOVES to hold Adalyn
A friend was over and loved the way Adalyn was holding her hands. She exclaimed it to be a "Kodak" moment - so we took a picture. She has such long fingers!
Ali was helping the "babies" sleep. She read all three of them bedtime stories
Adalyn is definitely my child. She spits up just like the rest of them - therefore, we needed more burp rags. I had fun making these, and actually managed to do it during nap time. HOORAY!! Turtles on one side and plaid on the other - I thought it was cute material.


April said...

Wow, great job. I still don't have 2 figured out, so THREE? :)

Pratt Family said...

Cute, cute! I really like the pic at the doctor's office of the two older girls watching Adalyn at her appt. Also the "kodak" moment of Adalyn and her hands is sure precious! Sure glad Andie and Ali are being such big helpers. Love you all!

rachaeljanae said...

Her legs look so long! I have to admit I'm actually looking forward to that newborn stage again. They are so sweet and tiny.

Monica said...

The long fingers are for playing the piano right? :) All your girls are so adorable. I love the sidebar pic of Adalyn in the blue flower dress; I want that dress for Lily now haha

Natalie said...

No time to slow down! Way to go. Love ya and wish we could meet little Adalyn!