Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Utah Trip

I guess I'm back tracking a little to tell about our visit to Utah in June. First of all - we got there on a Tuesday afternoon and on Thursday I left my girls with my brother and his family for the weekend. I got to have a "girls" weekend with my mom as we went to St. George to help out with my nieces because my sister was having baby #4. I was so excited that baby Kate waited for her aunt Mo-Mo to come!!Such cute girls - all whom were VERY excited for their little sister to come!
Katelyn June Hawkins

Fortunately Ali and Andie warmed up quickly to Jared, Summer, Emma and Carson. They had such a great time!! Summer was a trooper being 8 months pregnant and letting my girls sleep with her while Jared got kicked to the couch. Ali took a liking to Jared and when I returned Saturday night, my kids new names were "Drew" (Andie) and "Bruce" or "Big Al" (Ali). Leave it to Jared!
He soon became the "horse" for Emma, David and Andie. These three LOVED playing together!

Hold on tight.
It's so fun to have cousin's so close in age. Emma was the best little friend to Andie. She would always introduce her to everyone, "Hey guys! This is my cousin, Andie." Even with all the cousins finally were together in town, Emma was introducing "her cousin Andie". It was great! Thanks Emma and David for playing with Andie - she sure misses you guys.
This was our first time meeting little Abigayle! She is so dang cute and ALWAYS had this smile on her little face - I love it!Best of Friends! Andie was always asking for "Day-bed" and David was always asking for "Ann-knee" Funny because when they played together they would usually fight over the same toy or get into mischief (like dumping out 7 puzzles and scattering the pieces together.) We were trying to get family picture with the grandkids and grandma and grandpa. Everyone was cooperating EXCEPT this little girl....she just wanted to sit at the picnic table.
Oh and this little girl. She didn't want to be held - just wanted to wonder around the back yard. The girls LOVED playing in the backyard - I loved it too!
Andie with her cousin Ashlyn - such cute girls.
Speaking earlier of cousins so close in age - here they are all. We sure love and miss you Grandma and Grandpa.My girls are so cooperative....hahahaOffer a little food and they were more willing to smileWe sure had a great time and were glad to be with everyone. We missed Shawn, who was the only one MIA - well and uncle Tys who is on a mission in Chile. Thanks again for everyone's help while we were there - and we love and miss you Grandma and Grandpa - they are doing great in Russia!


Jill said...

Love the pictures...glad to see after only being a month or so you can look at the positives from the trip. hahaha! I am sure babysitting 3 in st george was not your idea of "vacation"! But THANK YOU! We are glad you could come.

Jeff and Elise said...

Oh wow, those are such cute pictures! Andie, David and Emma look like they have a great time together, Sadie is so jealous :) Love your new blog theme!

Natalie said...

We were so glad to be a part of your Utah trip. Thanks for making time for us during such a busy family time. I love the pictures of your girls with your parents.

On a side note, how did your lemonade icecream dessert go? I'm wanting to make it this weekend.

Melissa said...

Way to go Molly about running. I can't wait to hear how the 5K goes!!

Andee said...

Looks like you had a good time with your family. I am still in shock that your parents are in Russia! But i think it is so awesome and I am sure they are doing great!!!