Friday, July 10, 2009

15-month Check-Up

I know, it is hard to believe - but - Our little Ali girl is ONLY 15 months old. The little stinker would not look at the camera.
She has her new sound, "unt-nu" (Which means NO!) when you ask her to do something. The doctor asked if she could listen to her heart and she said, "" The nurse asked if she could give her a shot, "" It is so funny. Finally I got her trying to put her shoes on
Sort-ofSo here are the stats for our "Big" little girl. She weighed 28 lbs and 33 inches tall. That puts her in the 97% for her age. The nurse handed me a paper telling the "normals" for an average 15-month old. I thought it was fun to compare Ali to the normal...
"Don't worry if you child eats only one good meal a day, as this is normal for toddlers" I wish I could get Ali to ONLY eat once a day...haha. "Most babies have four to eight teeth by now" Ali has 14 and working on 2 more! "Most 15-month old toddlers will know 6-8 words" Yeah....we can't get Ali to stop jibbering. But we love her so much and wouldn't trade her for the world. She is walking/running and talking all over, climbs on everything, EATS everything and loves to play with her sister!
We are glad you are good and healthy - Andie, you better keep up, because this one is bound to run you over....soon!


Sharron said...

Your girls sound like my grand daughters! they are basically wearing the same size only one is considerably shorter. Mama buys capri pants for the younger one and they make perfect pants for her:). they are only about three lbs. apart in weight and 25 months different in age.

They sure are cute little girls and so lucky to have you two for parents! Enjoy the rest of the summer
p.s. love the Russian time. Weird isn't it to think of them on the other side of the world!

rachaeljanae said...

Love the pink bandaids!

Grandma Tii said...

way to go Big the post and the pictures

Natalie said...

Hannah loved the sticker on Ali's shirt! Cute girl.