Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Bye Car!!!

Well....(sob, sob) My car is gone! Really, I have no car. We sold it today!! It was good, I had just posted last Saturday on Craig's list and today is day 6 - someone bought it.

It was a great little car - and we are expanding to a van!! Yipee!! I just have to find one now! Thanks to our good friends Cory and Mara, we are borrowing their 2nd car for the time being! We owe them big time!!

Alright, Goodbye Georgette! (just kidding, it didn't have a name, but it was a GREAT car)


Andee said...

You will LOVE your van. I never thought I would say that, but a van is so nice and easy with kids!

The Pratts said...

Congratulations Molly - you are going to love the van! I can't wait for mine!!!

Frances said...

I still sigh thinking about my geo, so I totally get it.