Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

We had a great Thanksgiving! We got together with our friends Cory, Mara, Cole and Emma. The kids had great time playing together, the food was DELICIOUS and it was such a gorgeous day to play! Andie LOVED riding the power wheel as you will see below. Hope you all had a great day as well!

Andie, are you excited for the food?
Shawn, Ali, Emma, Cole
My green girls!
Cory slicing my turkey. Yes, I made the turkey! We had a delicious little Butterball Turkey Breast - you can buy them at Costco or Kroger! They are the best and perfect size for us!Mara finishing up the last of the side dishes. Everything was so delicious!

As was mentioned earlier, it was such a nice day to play outside. Andie enjoyed riding around in the power wheel, Ali hung out on the grass, Shawn tossed a football around with Cory and I, well, I mainly chased Andie in the power wheel so we wouldn't run into cars and curbs. Needless to say, most of the time I failed at catching her before the curbs. She had a blast though.
Little Ali girl was so nice. She loves to be outside!
Cole riding his bike that he got for his birthday a few weeks ago
The boys playing football. They actually did go to the turkey bowl in the morning. I feel bad for the poor little missionary who collided with Shawn. His nose was bleeding and he was all banged up. Apparently he has broken his nose twice already on the mission, we hope Shawn didn't make it a third!! Shawn was slightly injured as well, a few of his ribs hurt, especially when he laughs or Andie tries to wrestle him. Oh well, all fun and games, right?
This is what happens to a two year old when you are required to SHARE!!!

We had a great day - hope yours was eventful as well!


tales from the tates said...

Oh, that picture of Andie makes me sad :( But Avery does the same thing whenever she is asked to share and she doesn't want to.

Southern Belle said...

Looks like fun!!! Jocey told her cousins a lot about Andie. It was about three to four times a day that her name was brought up in all the babbling.