Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't Worry - We are alive

So, I have noticed it has been a while since I have posted. OOPS. I could blame that on my "busy" life or for my sudden lack of enthusiasm to blog. I guess only the future will tell.

We have been extremely busy it seems and I have been spending more time with the girls and less time in the computer room - so that has been great. Here are some pictures to catch up what we have been doing!

Reading Books
Eating Halloween CandyReading More BooksMaking PieEating Pie!! I have never made a pie before and I volunteered to make 3 for an upcoming wedding reception in our ward - therefore I thought it best to practice. It was DELICIOUS!!
Yes, we have been enjoying reading lately. We have also been attending Story Time at the Library - Andie loves it. However, in this picture she is getting mad at 'Sister' because she is touching the book!

Growing Teeth, Crawling, Climbing, Stand up on EVERYTHING!! Really, I blame Ali for this lack of posting! She has acquired 4 teeth in the last 2 weeks (3 on top and another on bottom) and has one more one top ready to come - that would give her 7 all together!

On top of all of that - Shawn has been busy with school and still trying to complete his thesis. It has to be done this week!! HOORAY! Let's hope he makes it. There were a few days last week and the week before where I didn't see him for 48 hours because he would leave before I was up and I would be in bed before he got home! I guess that is why the girls and I have tried to keep busy!

I have been busy with an assignment to serve on the enrichment committee (no, not a calling, just an invitation to do so) received a second calling to serve as a VT supervisor, tried to visit teach the 5 sisters assigned to me(maybe I can change that now!) plus I get to speak in sacrament meeting and teach RS this upcoming Sunday! Don't get me wrong - I am not complaining - Just Busy!

I was able to host a girls night this Friday at my house - which motivated me to clean and dejunk - it was great. I got together with the girls from Shawn's department and we had a great time. Plus a great excuse to not worry about the diet, buy candy that sounded good (and yes - I bought it all) and just enjoy time without kids! Thanks Shawn for watching Andie and Ali.

Chocolate Filled Bars, Swedish fish, PB M&M's, Chocolate Covered Raisins, Dark Chocolate M&M's, Jr. Mints, Hot Tamales, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Charleston Chews, Chips and Salsa, Chocolate Chips Cookies, Raspberry Sherbet w/ sprite, Brownies and Strawberries - Who could resist such a party?
Molly, Stephanie, Sarah D.
Laura S. & Laura L.
Zandra & Sarah F.

Diana and Joy didn't get their pictures - sorry! I had a blast - thanks everyone who came!

Needless to say with our busy lives, we have had a great time and feel so blessed for all that we have!


rachaeljanae said...

That pie is beautiful! I never can get the fluting to look right...

Sarah said...

Hey Molly I found your blog and talked to Summer at the dentist and she told me you guys had moved. Your girls are growing fast. The pie looks yummy.

The Pratts said...

Good job Molly! The girls look so cute and big! I am glad Andie likes to share her books with Ali - haha! Emma still likes to climb in the "poop chair" sometimes, it is really funny because we have to pry her out when she wants to get out, because she is getting way too big!

The pie looks so yummy, good job! I want a bite!

I am glad to hear you are so busy, I know it is hard, but it is good for all of us right?! Plus, you know what Mom always says 10% of the people do 90% of the work... glad to hear you are of the 10% - you are such a great worker they are blessed to have you.

Hope things continue to go well, even if you are busy, let's skype with the kids sometime this week. Talk to you soon.

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

Great job on the pie Molly! The girls are as cute as can be!

emilyring said...

Everything looks so yummy. I wants a bite. ;) We all know you can busy with those adorable little girls.

The Pratts said...

Wow...and just like that you are all caught up with blogging updates. Andie and Ali- you both are so all the great pictures of you both plus the ones on the side are awesome!

Way to go on the pies Molly!!! They look simply amazing! Is that crust homemade? If so....could I ask for the recipe. You are such a great chef Mo-Mo.

What a fun girls party...looks like you had a great turn out. Talk with you soon.

Southern Belle said...

I took the pictures on purpose. I thought I had taken a picture of Diana. Sorry

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

wow Ali has more teeth than Kaylee Kaylee's 2nd tooth is starting to come out i can see it but not feel it

Natalie said...

Holy Canoly girl! You have been busy! Sounds like you are busy doing really good things... great things! I'm impressed!

PS Thanks for being such a great friend. I miss you!