Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Andie!!

Yeah! Thanks to my friend Beckie! She said to just wait a few days/weeks and I could upload pictures again - and it worked! So - Happy Birthday to Andie! I can't believe she is 6. Crazy. We had a fun day and I think she felt very special!

I saw on pinterest to wrap their lunch up!  She LOVED it.  She came home and said, "Mom - why did you wrap my lunch like presents?  I was so surprised.  Even my spoon said, 'STOP GROWING' but I'm not!"  I'm glad she liked it.
She made BINGO cards to play at her birthday party.  I usually don't do parties, but the girls were invited to one a few weeks ago and so Andie asked for one.  We had a good time.  She came up with this Bingo card and idea all by herself.  I love it!  Sorry, the picture won't rotate.
I also decided to change the decorations on the tree to make a BIRTHDAY TREE!  I had a lot of fun doing it, and again - it was totally worth it - to see her excitement!
It was pajama day at her school for "Polar Express Day!"  So, we took donuts to her class and pulled Ali out of class to join us.  (Ali's pajama day was the next day).
Adalyn was sitting by Ruthie, our neighbor, who is also in Andie's class.
"Mom, I want a rainbow cake with a Christmas Tree."  She was referring to the same kind of rainbow cake that Ali had on her third birthday, but I came up with this instead and she loved it!  It was fun!
Her birthday party with friends from church.  We made stockings and then laced them up.  Then we played bingo and they got prizes for their stockings.  It was simple and fun!

Happy Birthday Andie!  We love you so much!  Here are a few of her favorite things!

Color:  Pink
Food:  Cheese
ok - I asked her what her favorite movie was, favorite thing to do at school, favorite game and favorite book and all the answers were "I don't know!"  that pretty much sums up Andie!  :)


Katie Jo said...

SO SO FUN!!!! I love the changing the Christmas tree idea! So perfect for anyone who's birthday is in December and they feel like it gets outed by Christmas. Totally doing that if I ever have a kid in December! I love the cake too... what a cute girl!!! Such little things make your kids remember how awesome you are. Way to go mom of the year!!! XOXO

lillie said...

gotta love Pinterest- the wrapping of the lunch is such a cute idea!!