Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy November

It's already November - hard to believe!  Here's what we've been up to the past 2 weeks.  Enjoy!

Face painting from the emergency preparedness fair.

 Crazy hair day at school.

 Late night dissertating....
 .....and sleeping.
 Sisterly love after school.

 Crazy 2 year old, always the life of the party.

 Winter pajamas have come out!
 Where's Adalyn?  It took us a while to find her, but apparently not a while for her to fall asleep.
 Halloween!  Snow White woke up about 15 minutes before it was time to go trick-or-treating, and she was not too happy.
 Although, she was adorable - the costume did not stay on.
 Purple Butterfly
 Tooth Fairy
 What they ended up looking like going trick or treating.  Yeah, can you tell, I'm not too much into the Holiday.  :)  Ali did put her butterfly wings on over her jacket.
 It's fun to have a little pirate in the house.
Here's a little video of Caleb.  He kind of gives a little smile....we're almost there.  I can't believe he is 7 weeks old.  

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Monica said...

I'm not into the holiday either. I love the laundry basket nap hehe