Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Andie

I cannot believe just 5 years ago - little Andie joined our family!!  She is the best little helper and we love her so much.  Here are some 5 fun facts about Andie. (at the bottom of this post is more fun facts.)

1) She has memorized 10 (almost 11) of the 13 Articles of Faith.   They are the basic beliefs of our religion.  You can click on the link to read the first 10 that she has memorized.  She will probably have 11 down in the next day or two.

2) She is SO very smart!  She loves to read (she is reading out loud what I am typing right now.)  I was approached by her teacher after the first month of Pre-k to see if we wanted to move her into Kindergarten.  I said no, but Andie is definitely in that range.  She must have some sort of photographic memory, because if she is exposed to a word once, she remembers it instantly.  It's very fun to see her love for learning.

3) She loves Lightening McQueen and anything Cars.  But, as she says, "I do not like Cars 2, but I love Cars 2 things."  referring to the movie.  If you've seen it, the part where Lightening McQueen might get caught and die - she was hysterical for his life - almost ready to burst into tears! 

4) She loves her sisters.  She is such a good big sister and LOVES to play with Ali (most of the time.)  I just asked her what her favorite thing to do was and she said, "Read books with Ali!" 

5) She is mom's #1 fan, and I love it!!  She is always cheering me on, tells me I'm the best and gives me the best hugs and kisses!!  She definitely loves any time she gets with mom and dad and we love spending time with her! She's such a great helper and despite my request to her to "stop growing!" she loves to grow!  I hear more often then not, "Mom, I am growing, and one day I will be 28, like you and be a MOM!  Then you will be a GRANDMA!"  Good thing she still thinks I'm 28! 

It's amazing how they grow!

December 18, 2006
Age 1 - on her birthday with Uncle Tys, who was getting ready to go into the MTC.
Age 2 - So many of her pictures look exactly like Adalyn!
Age 3
Age 4
Age 5!!!  Do you notice the change in the color of cake?  Yes - this year, blue was requested - not pink!  My little girl is growing up!
We had a wonderful day celebrating Andie's Birthday.  Unfortunately for her, she didn't feel very well.  We confirmed this morning, that she has an ear infection.  She toughed through church, as it was the ward Choir Program (and mom is the choir director!)  When we got home from church, she was tired and not feeling well - but wanted to open presents.

 Thanks Grandma Nicholls for the fun hair styling set!

 Thanks Grandma and Grandpa T for the dress-up clothes for LISA!
 Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Broderick for the much needed long sleeve shirts!
 Meet Lisa and puppy! 
 Andie's pre-k program is part of a early reading grant program and each of the kids got this leapfrog toy!  It's been Andie's favorite spelling all sorts of words!
 Adalyn LOVES the baby!  Good thing there's a few more shopping days until Christmas!

 Ali loves the hair accessory kit! 

Andie is queen of "I don't know!"  I finally got out of her that she wanted a blue flower cake, but had no preference to flavor.  So, we made a brownie cake and had "pink" drinks!  (Raspberry Sherbet and Sprite)
She managed to keep some energy for the afternoon, but by 6:30 was ready for bed.  We are continuing the birthday celebration today by visiting Chuck E. Cheese for family night.  That was one other thing that she wanted to do!

We also took cupcakes into her class on Wednesday.  Here is Dad enjoying one when we got home.
 Andie and some of her class mates.  The girl in the yellow shirt to the right is her little friend Amy.  And the kid in the blue at the bottom is another friend Damon.  She told me all the rest of everyone's name and seems to have fun with everyone.
 Ali got to join in the birthday fun at school.  I LOVE this picture of these two cute sisters!!
  Andie we love you so much and still can't believe you are 5!!  Happy Birthday!!

More Fun Facts:
Favorite Color - Blue
Favorite Toy - My new presents and Lisa, my doll
Favorite Fruit - Apple
Favorite TV Show (on Netflix) - Dragontales
Favorite Lunch - a sandwich (PB&J)
Favorite Game - playing the wii with Dad and
Favorite Snack - goldfish and letter crackers
Favorite Song - CARS!!  (Life is a Highway!)  and Christmas Bells are Ringing
Favorite Book - Cars!
Best Friend - MOM! 
Favorite Cereal - Marshmellow Matey's
Favorite thing to do outside - play sidewalk chalk
Favorite Drink - "pink" drink
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Breakfast - Waffles
Favorite Dinner - Chicken Nuggets
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A mom!


Katie Jo said...

I love that you're her best friend! Isn't that such a fun survey to ask them?!?! I tell ya... pinterest is the best! You have such cute girlies!!!!

Emily S. said...

What a cutie. I can't believe she has almost all the AofF memorized! We need to have her come into Senior Primary and show off! Happy Birthday Ms. Andie!