Monday, October 4, 2010

"SUPER" fun things....

Here are some random pictures over the last few weeks. First of all, we had a watermelon growing in front of our apartment!! We finally picked it and sliced it open to find...
a YELLOW watermelon. It was still yummy - and fun to eat a different color melon. The plant was a product of our neighbor spiting seeds. :)

Andie was invited to a birthday party a few weeks ago - which was a "superhero" party. Knowing the obsession with my kids and being superheros, I had a feeling I would be making one of these soon after. I ended up unpicking the "A" and not putting ali's name on it - satin is hard to sew!

Needless to say - the kids no longer have to make capes from dishtowels...they both have their own superhero cape....and they love them!! (yes, they were flying SO fast, their hair was messed up ;)

Andie was even kind enough to "share" with Adalyn and has been begging that I make a "really small cape" for her.

Super Adalyn!!

Friday night we went out with our neighbor's to dinner and the UGA Woman's Volleyball game. The girls had so much fun cheering on the team. We need to do more fun things like that. Unfortunately we had to leave a little early, but the girls had a great time!

Our great neighbors!! Thanks for the fun times Mike, Heather and Anders.

Ali loved dancing when the band played

At times, Andie thought it was too loud....but still very fun!

I finally got sick of my front porch and dead flower pots. So, the girls and I venture to Walmart and bought some new flowers. In the spring I had planted seeds, but only ever got one flower. The plants after lack of water. (oops) Now they are pretty again, and hopefully we won't kill these ones!

We had an eventful General Conference Weekend. We missed most of the Saturday Sessions. So, I look forward to catching up on those. We were at a funeral (non-lds) during the first session and got home right as the 2nd session was starting. So, the kids were unprepared to sit and listen. We caught some here and there as we were trying to help out the girls.

We also took Family Picture before Conference on Saturday.  Here are a few of the fun.

Such a cute family I have!! I'm so blessed.

Sunday went much better - as I was more prepared. We had coloring pages, conference Bingo, fruit-loop necklaces to make and as you can see, our display of the Prophet and Apostles. As the girls watched conference, if they saw someone on the wall that was speaking - then they got to color a star and put it by their picture. They had a fun time with it.
(Yes, I do realize that Elder Worthlin is on the wall and Elder Anderson is not. I guess we need to order his picture so we're up-to-date for the next conference.)

Tonight, we still had the pictures up on the wall and had our FHE about prophets and apostles. Hopefully something will stick!

We sure do love life - it keeps us busy!


KofoedFamily said...

So cute! I love the pictures and I am always amazed at the great things you think of for the girls to do and help make things meaningful for them! It's great to have such awesome neighbors!

Southern Belle said...

The first time we got a watermelon here it was yellow, and I was so confused!! It didn't make it taste as good, so I had to not look at it... or it could have just been a not very good melon, but it wasn't as sweet. That is funny you said Ali loved the band at the game because at Jeff's football games the band is Cheyenne's favorite. She dances and when they stop she just keeps saying "more songs?" That is so cute with the conference walls with the prophets and apostles! What a great idea! Oh and your pictures are awesome! Chelsea did such a great job! It looks like you got some cute ones to hang on your wall:)

Emily S. said...

Looks like life has been fun for you guys lately. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a yellow watermelon next year.

Southern Belle said...

Love all the pictures and cute idea for conference.

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

The family pictures are so adorable...I love the purple. What an amazing mother you are...I am amazed at the work you put in for conference!