Thursday, September 23, 2010

GA Aquarium

The girls and I took a field trip one day out the the GA Aquarium. We had a lot of fun. Yes - I got many comments such as your "brave" to take all three girls, on my own, into Atlanta for the day. However, I just keep telling myself this, "We can't wait around until Shawn is available, it will never happen - and it's an adventure - so why not?"
Right as we got in, "Deepo" was there to take a picture with. Andie and Ali each gave him a hug - it was cute.
We went to the stingray pool first. It was a "touch and feel" pool, which was pretty cool - they had quiet a few of those, I was surprised. Ali was all about the touch, Andie, just the looking.
Looking at fish
Andie and the "tiger" fish (maybe it was lion fish....I don't remember)
Andie loved playing "match" with the kiosk. She would pick a fish and then find it in the tank. It was fun.
Eating goldfish will looking at fish. They thought that was so silly. Guess I should have brought a different snack.

All in all, we had a great time. We did have a "few" of these episodes, where Ali was done walking. She would sit and pout on the floor. So, I carried her for a little bit....that is always fun - 40 lbs. in one arm while trying to steer the stroller. :)
Cool looking Shark. I wish I would have looked at the map. We got to the HUGE tanks on the end of the tour - when the girls were done with the aquarium and ready to go. I thought it was cool and they would have liked it had we gone there first. Oh well.
We had a great time. After the Aquarium, we went to Costco. Ali feel asleep on the way - so Andie, Adalyn and I played for about an hour in the back of the van while sitting in the Costco parking lot. She woke up and was a happy girl.

We had a fun adventure - who says you can't do exciting things with three kids? I love my girls!!
PS - we really did wish Shawn could go with us - it would be have been great. However, we understand his need to focus in school. We did miss him that day!

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Southern Belle said...

That does sound like a fun adventure!! You are very patient to play in the van while Ali slept, or I guess you really wanted to go to Costco! I love all the pictures, I am sure the girls loved it:)