Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Years

After two years - Shawn can finally take off the tie, undo the top button and relax. Today, he was released as the 2nd counselor from the Bishopric.

It was one of those bitter-sweet moments in life, where I think the release brought a tear or two (ok....maybe three) to both of our eyes. I am proud of my husband. He loved his calling, loved and appreciated those whom he served with. He grew in ways that neither of us could imagine possible - it was so great to see his potential in full-bloom. It was neat to see him shine, to truly enjoy and serve those around him. We have been blessed in SO, so many ways over the past two years - it's humbling.

We will truly cherish these past two years, as I am sure have been a foundation of many more wonderful years of church service. We love the church!! We are so blessed and thank all who have touched our lives while serving in this capacity.

Now for the future. He had an hour off of church service. He was put in as the 1st Assistant to the High Priest Group Leader. We look forward to this new adventure and to learn and grow again, in ways we don't now understand.

As for me - I am most excited that he gets to sit with me and these 3 lovely little ladies pictured below. (This is from our recent trip to Charleston - update to come soon.)
We love you Shawn and are glad to have you back on Sunday's, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and the often Saturday mornings and evenings.


Sharron said...

Enjoy! Jon spent a lot of this stage of our lives going out on the reservation as a stake missionary. Pretty tough, huh? all the new members of our ward thought I was widowed or divorced. Pretty funny when he showed up at church ;-D

Whittney said...

Congrats Shawn! I'm sure it will be so nice to have him home a little bit more. :) Thank you for your service you two! You do so much for our ward.

MTMcGee said...

Congrats to Shawn! What an adorable picture of your girls. Adalyn is precious!!

holli jo said...

I'm glad for you guys! Thanks for your service - it is appreciated. Oh, and I want to have an invite to your private blog.

sdbroder said...

Thanks for your appreciation. It was such a fun calling. I loved working with everyone. I'm thankful for all that you have done for the ward. I'm excited for my new calling and hope that I will do well.

Dawnell said...

What a sweet post. David said it was strange watching you sit as a family last Sunday! Please send me an invite to your private blog!