Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Oven

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and loads of fun. However - did I ever pull out the camera? Nope. Oops. Shawn's brother Cade and his family came into town. Andie and Ali loved playing with Sky and Kayala....and we loved hearing them and watching them. They were quite hilarious.

We also got to take care of our friends animals for the week. We fed 4 horses, 2 cows and collected eggs from the chickens. It was a fun family experience!! I really enjoyed it!!

We had a wonderful turkey dinner and lot's of stuff on the sides - it was all delicious!! I just wanted to post the after math of Thanksgiving - because yes - I did take pictures!!!Isn't that disgusting? Let's just say the butter started spitting after about an hour the turkey was in. It smoked and then was fine. However - I had to clean the oven before I could bake anything else. So - we haven't used the oven since Thanksgiving.

This week I finally sprayed it down. Here is the result after an overnight soak "for heavy spills" Let's just say - I miss having a self cleaning oven - and yes - it is now on the list of things to own someday!
After another over night soak - lot's of scrubbing - and a third coat - 2 hour soak - this is the best it's going to get. Much better than the start - if I say so myself. I am pretty sure it's cleaner than when we moved in.
Finally - you can only imagine the dripper pans were just as dirty. So, this morning, I took them off, sprayed them with the oven cleaner and set them in the sink. I ran some errands and came back to find NO dripper pans in the sink and brand new one on the stove!!!!
Shawn? Are you home? I call Shawn - he's at school. Who else can get in? So I called our property managers. I said, "Thank you for the Christmas Present?" She said, "What do you mean?" I said, "I went to the store - I was cleaning my dripper pans on the stove and I came home to brand new dripper pans" She said, "Really?" I said, "Yes - Thank you!! I almost bought new ones, but decided not too!" Then she laughed - "I'll tell them you said thanks - they were supposed to go in the unit next door."

So - blessings from heaven - I'll take 'em!!

Happy Holiday's!!!


Natalie said...

Ha-that's funny you got the new dripper pans right when you were in the middle of cleaning them! And wow, you did some major scrubbing.

KofoedFamily said...

Yeah for new dripper pans! Do you want to come clean my oven now?

Sharron said...

LOL I never had that much luck. Check out and see my secret to a easy clean oven,

I like this better than a self cleaning oven!

Southern Belle said...

Way to go Molly! When you coming to clean mine and send the free plates as well. :)

DELYNN said...

That's awesome! My oven looked the same as yours. Let's just say I am never cooking the Turkey again. I still haven't cleaned my dripper pans, that's a little lower on my to-do list. :) I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

holli jo said...

Am I the only one who expected a different kind of post with a title like "the oven?" Ha ha.

Cleaning ovens = gross. I'm glad you got yours clean, and it sounds like you had delicious food that made it all worth it. :)