Friday, November 6, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Where has the time gone? Everyday I think, I need to go get my camera and post pictures - oh well - finally today I have time.

Here are the girls dressed up for Halloween. A HUGE thanks to our friend LeAnn for owning dress-up clothes. I am not one to spend money on costumes - yep - I'm cheap.

Here is "Cinderella" ready for the ball. We curled her hair and she got to wear "pretty-pretty" on her eyes and lips! She looked so cute!
Here is our little butterfly fairy before. She had woke up in the morning with a 101 temperature. We gave her tylenol and she was fine. She took a nap and woke up BURNING - 102 this time. Gave her more tylenol and off to the truck or treat - she had a great time.
We're Ready to go "TRICK OR TREAT!"

Yes - I like to stick out my belly - and yes - I like food! :)
They got lot's of candy and had fun playing little carnival games. Andie won a cupcake and was excited to eat it.

This was the extent of our Halloween. Andie did stick on Ali's butterfly costume and we walked over to Mike and Heather's on Halloween night - they had fun entertaining the crowd for a bit. Then we came home, put the girls to bed and Shawn and I watched a movie. Pretty relaxing night!


Natalie said...

sounds like a perfect Halloween for you and your girls! A little "pretty pretty", a little candy, a little relaxing!

Sarah said...

Sounds wonderful, I am cheap too and get frustrated at the cost of costumes. If my kids didn't go to school I am not sure they would even have costumes but they did and they had fun too.

Josh and Jenna said...

I want some "pretty, pretty"!!!!

Pratt Family said...

Fun, fun. I love Cinderella princess and her "pretty, pretty". Andie you look super excited to be wearing make-up and have your hair all done-up. And miss Ali, sorry to hear you weren't feeling the best, but you sure do make a cute butterfly fairy. What a fun ward party as well.