Saturday, August 8, 2009

Columbia South Carolina Temple

We took a mini family trip to Columbia, SC to go to the temple last weekend. As many of you know, the Atlanta temple is closed for 15-18 months for major renovations - so now we are privileged to drive to this mini temple! (About 3 hours from us) It really is so little - but so cute!
The girls and I went to check in to our hotel and then got back a few minutes before Shawn was done - so we walked around and tried to take some pictures.

Funny Sisters
Sometimes the battle is not worth the hair style - what can I say - at least it is out of their eyes!Mini is our 3rd Child - she is great a picking up toys and folding her arms for prayers. Andie insisted Mini got her own shot with the temple.

When Shawn was done - we tried to get some shots together - the girls sure were cooperative!

The flowers are always so pretty on any temple ground. It was down pouring when we arrived in Columbia - but cleared up as we got to the temple. Shawn did a Friday afternoon session, then we went and played at the hotel - the girls LOVED sleeping in a "hotwel"!! Andie has memorized which buttons to push on the elevator and where our our room was and oped the door with the card all by herself. Such a great helper.

Saturday, I woke up early and went to the 7:00 session and then we headed to the Columbia Zoo for the day! It was so much fun - more pictures to come soon!


Katie Jo said...

What a fun little mini getaway... you guys are too cute. I love the Minnie pic too! HAHA

Lauren said...

Those girls look so alike!

Ranay said...

How fun! And great job getting to the temple. The Minnie picture gave me a good laugh - thanks!

Pratt Family said...

Oh, seeing the temple, reminded me of Winter Quarters temple, it was a small temple like that. The temple grounds look so pretty and so do the models! And I think Minnie has the best hair for the day!!! said...

Love the pictures! What funny sisters! Big Al is soon going to pass Andie up! I sure miss them. Love you!