Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are You Smarter than a 2 year old?

YES I AM!!! Although I constantly let Andie believe that I am not. Here is the scenario.

Ali: asleep in the crib
Molly: reading a book on the couch
Andie: playing with toys

Ali: Fussing as she wakes up
Molly: Looks at the clock
Andie: Runs upstairs to get Ali

Molly: Continues to read because they usually play for a few minutes laughing and giggling

Andie: Opens the door to the room (I can hear it through the baby monitor)
Ali: Ahhhhhh! (giggles)

Andie: Runs over to the crib (giggling)

Molly: reading

Door Slams....running, door slams

Molly: Drops book, runs up the stairs

Andie: Giggling...

Molly: (slightly raised voice) Andie, UNLOCK the doors

Andie: Giggling, hurrying her hardest to get in the crib (you can hear her)

Molly: knocking on the door - Andie don't get in the crib, unlock the doors

Andie and Ali: jumping in the crib and giggling (have I mentioned they don't know how to get out of the crib?)

Molly: locked out of the room...hmmmm. Heads back down stairs, gets screw driver, goes back upstairs. Unscrews door handle to unlock door. Get's door unlocked and goes into room

Andie: Tries to hide in crib, "Good Job Momma!"

Molly: "Thanks - but you are still in trouble" Gets both girls out of the crib.

Molly: Takes door handle off and reverses the lock so she has a way in.
Andie: "Good Job Mamma!"

Molly: What will they think of next?


Andee said...

That is so funny! Hard to be mad for to long when they are that darn cute. I think it is sweet how excited Andie gets when her little buddy wakes up. And they giggle and play together. So sweet!!

Kerilee Law said...

Oh that's hysterical.

Grandma Tii said...

Payback time.....too funny

Amy W. said...

Love it!!

So....Ali's b-day!! We are getting one of those Red Flier wagons for Drew. I love the metal ones but I really want the one that has the seats and buckles...listen to little ol' safety girl here!! :) If you don't have one of those you could do that because then both your girls would benefit from it! Drew's getting clothes and Letter Factory DVD from Leap Frog. It's really cute!! If you come up with anything let me know...I can't believe they are one!!!!

Amy W. said...


p.s. My sister in-law pointed out to me last night that Drew (& Ali) will turn one and will never have had an Easter!!! Since it was in March last year and will be after their b-days this year...Cool, huh?!

Big year!! :)

Sarah said...

Kids definetly keep us on our toes. Too funny!!

Southern Belle said...

Way to go Molly! I am so proud of you that you got in the bedroom!!! Wow what a smart little girl you have.

Breanne said...

I would never have thought of reversing the lock! What a smart woman you are!

Natalie said...

Good job Molly... I'm so proud of you! Haha... what "smart" kids!